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K-12 Education Practice


MAXIMUS developed its pioneering TIENET software to help you manage instruction, assessment, intervention, and special education. Our three robust TIENET solutions, which can be integrated with your existing systems or as a single coordinated system, help school districts manage No Child Left Behind (NCLB) standards compliance in the areas of instruction, intervention and special education case management.

Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS)

MAXIMUS provides a robust K-12 or P-20 COTS student longitudinal data warehouse and decision support system that allows SEAs to integrate and expand existing data systems (pre-school through post-secondary education and workforce outcome) within and across agencies to allow for maximum transparency, accountability and decision quality information. More...

Innovative Software Solutions

MAXIMUS leverages our partnerships with leading education organizations that offer products and services that complement our own robust solutions to help districts, schools and teachers address a range of unique issues, including financial management and technology support.

Futures Education

Provides you with a variety of special education services and tools, including school-based programs, staffing and assessment resources, clinical assessments, and special education program redesigns. More...


MAXIMUS works with additional education organizations to implement and manage various services and solutions across districts and schools. More...

Education Consulting

Leveraging our collective education experience, the MAXIMUS education consulting team supports school districts and educators in their efforts to improve the management and implementation of any educational program. More...