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DecisionPoint for
Business Intelligence

Leveraging Business Intelligence for Better Decision-Making

DecisionPoint® for Business Intelligence (BI) combines Business Process Management with real-time predictive analytics to deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time. The solution analyzes significant amounts of data and immediately informs your business operations so they can take action. DecisionPoint for BI not only makes operations more efficient, but also generates cost savings. The solution enables you to balance cost, revenue and customer satisfaction by presenting data on both the quality of the customer experience and the efficient use of your staffing.

The ability of DecisionPoint for BI to perform this analysis helps answer questions such as:

  • Are you managing to your daily targets? How big is your risk based on the performance of the past few hours?
  • Is your workforce properly staffed today? Based on volume and staff availability, which time of day is most critical and needs to be managed closely?
  • If you have a few lower-performance days, can you still meet your Key Performance Requirements for this planning horizon? What is the minimum performance target you must achieve for the next few days?

To schedule an interactive demonstration and see how DecisionPoint for BI’s intuitive dashboards could work with your operations, e-mail us.