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Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: Harnessing the Power of Engagement to Drive Better Outcomes and Enhance Program Integrity

Date: September 27, 2021 |  Time: 4:15 p.m. ET  |  Room: NMR 202

Presented by: 
Doug Howard, Senior Vice President, U.S. Services, Maximus (moderator)
Michael Wisehart, Director of Economic Security, Arizona Department of Economic Security 
Jared Linder, Chief Information Officer, Indiana Family, and Social Services Administration 
Craig Burshem, Deputy Commissioner of State Programs, Virginia Department of Social Services

COVID-19 emerged in early 2020 as a force most of us never saw coming - or hoped we never would. Government agencies were forced to shift into overdrive to meet the urgent needs of citizens, spreading the safety net of health and human services far and wide. With unprecedented claims volumes and an increased risk of fraud, states grappled with how to expedite services while ensuring program integrity.

Join us for an interactive panel where we'll hear from leaders in Arizona, Indiana, and Virginia about how the pandemic changed the way they operate their programs. We’ll also discuss engagement strategies they've adopted to drive better outcomes and how they're making their visions for the future a reality.

Safety, stimulus, and getting to the next normal. With flexibility and funding provided by ARPA, you have a unique opportunity to invest in the transformation of your state’s health and human services programs — to modernize systems, coordinate and streamline services, and reimagine customer engagement to achieve bigger outcomes.

Maximus can help you achieve your vision

Combining over four decades of experience with innovative technologies and a personalized, “people come first” approach, we provide timely safety-net services for those still impacted by the pandemic while helping agencies return to pre-pandemic levels. All with a renewed focus on program integrity and the prevention of fraud and abuse.

Discover the breadth of our health and human services designed to help agencies modernize programs and systems, tackle the challenges of today, and prepare for what comes next.

  • Return-to-work support

    State and local workforce agencies face unique challenges as they strive to provide services to new types of job seekers in a new normal. But with crisis comes the opportunity to make positive change. By reinventing the return-to-work system, governments can support their citizens in the ways they need now — helping them return to work faster.

    Discover how we are helping


    years’ experience helping people find work around the world

  • COVID unwinding and ARPA programs

    As pandemic programs and waivers begin winding down for programs like SNAP and Medicaid, states are also launching significant initiatives to stimulate economic recovery, including mortgage assistance, childcare, broadband access, and other ARPA-funded programs. Maximus is your all-in-one partner for addressing changing programs like these.



  • Vaccine distribution, contact tracing, and public health

    Since the pandemic began, we have assisted communities in 10 states with their contact tracing programs. In addition, 8 states have entrusted Maximus to support their COVID-19 vaccination distribution programs. Drawing upon our clinical-related capabilities, we provide information and hotline services to answer common questions, address concerns, resolve complaints, and coordinate vaccination appointments.

    Looking to the future, our position at the forefront of health data analytics and science can help governments modernize health surveillance systems and create the ability to pinpoint individual health needs.

    Learn more about Maximus Public Health

  • UI and PUA program support and integrity

    We provide support for every step of the unemployment lifecycle, from claimant support and claims management — including adjudication and fraud detection — to program integrity, return-to-work services, and consulting on process and system modernization. Our work to help states ensure program integrity combines better technology, reengineered and streamlined processes, and the right people – so you can meet the demands of today and prepare for the future with confidence.

    Explore how we help state UI and PUA programs adapt


    state UI programs supported since 2020

  • Program and system modernization consulting

    Consulting expertise on large, high-profile, and important projects can dramatically increase the probability for success – aligning technology with operations to advance program goals and enhance outcomes. Maximus offers a broad array of consulting services to support your modernization efforts, from implementing high-quality automated systems to enhancing service delivery and business operations and complying with state and federal requirements. Unique in the field, our seasoned consultants not only understand technological needs and standards, but also possess deep subject-matter expertise on health and human services programs and funding models. Let us show you how to harness the power of technology to achieve your ambitious program goals.

    Explore the scope of Maximus consulting services

  • Child welfare assessments (QRTP)

    On February 9, 2018, Congress passed the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) that supports keeping children safely with their families rather than placing them in foster care. Signaling a significant change in perspective, the FFPSA passage puts emphasis on front-end preventative services, including at-home parenting classes, mental health counseling, and substance abuse treatment. It also limits federal funding for placement in congregate care settings. The law requires independent assessments of children placed in such settings and ties this requirement to ongoing federal funding of the placement — provided the placement meets the definition of a Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP), newly introduced under FFPSA.

    As your state’s child welfare agency seeks a partner in its efforts to implement the independent QRTP assessment, Maximus stands uniquely qualified to provide expert consultation and experienced assessment administration.

    Read about our independent assessment expertise

  • Digital government / .gov

    Citizen expectations for digital government – for access to services online as easily as they shop any other digital store – have been on the rise for some time now. And during the pandemic, they absolutely soared. State and local governments must be prepared to succeed in this new normal.  For government agencies, that means finding innovative ways of simplifying and delivering services to citizens, where and how they choose. It means rapid modernization of legacy platforms and a shift towards mobile-first, retail-like experiences. By focusing on citizen journeys and agency pain points, Maximus can help state government deliver the same quality and value that citizens find with best-in-class private sector companies. Citizens expect no less, and together we can help government achieve that vision.  

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