PHE unwinding

Helping agencies get to a new normal after the PHE is lifted

After the pandemic, state agencies will have to contend with a new set of challenges as they begin unwinding the public health emergency (PHE) rules. Maximus is here to help you hit the ground running.

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Overcome major obstacles

Health and human services programs have an enormous task ahead of them. Why? During the pandemic, eligibility determinations and program integrity issues were largely set aside as more people sought assistance. When the PHE designation expires, and pre-pandemic rules are reinstated, your agency may have to address a huge backlog of redeterminations and recertifications — with less staff. For Medicaid and CHIP agencies, you'll have just 12 months to start the process to comply with federal requirements. Fortunately, there is a way. 

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Our capabilities for unwinding the PHE

Working closely with your agency, we'll make sure your transition to a new normal is handled efficiently, empathetically, and equitably. Here are just a few of the services we can provide.

Government's go-to partner for the challenges ahead

Due to revenue shortfalls, staff burnout, and other pandemic aftershocks, many agencies will struggle with the magnitude of unwinding emergency COVID-19 measures. At Maximus, we've been there for states throughout the pandemic, and we'll be there for you through this next critical phase. Here's why you can count on us.

  • 45 years partnering with state HHS agencies
  • 72 state and local health services programs supported
  • 18 UI programs supported during the pandemic
  • 10,000 clinical health professionals


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