We are working collaboratively with the U.S. Department of Education and Navient to transfer Navient's servicing contract to Maximus Education, LLC (dba Aidvantage).

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As a respected, long-term provider of consumer engagement services to government, Maximus will focus on the complete borrower experience, helping fulfill the FSA's mission.

This new service is named Aidvantage, and it has one mission – helping borrowers manage the repayment of their federal student loans and supporting them in their financial success.  

We are committed to applying our deep understanding of the needs of student borrowers to provide straightforward, transparent and efficient loan processing services. Because Maximus does not provide loan origination or consolidation services, we are independent and free of financial conflicts when helping borrowers evaluate and select repayment options. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Borrowers

  • Who is Aidvantage?

    Aidvantage (the federal loan servicing unit of Maximus Education, LLC) has one mission — to help you manage the repayment of your federal student loan and support your financial success. Navient is transferring its Department of Education servicing to Aidvantage. 

  • Who do I contact with questions?

    For any inquires about this transition or other loan needs, please continue to contact Navient until Aidvantage officially becomes your servicer.

  • What will change when my loans are reassigned to Aidvantage?

    Good news – not much is changing. Here’s a quick snapshot of what to expect.

    Stays the same

    • Your loan terms, interest rate, and benefits
    • Account number
    • The number you call to ask questions
    • Addresses to mail payments and send correspondence
    • Your user ID and password

    What is new

    • The website you use to log in
    • Who you work with to manage your account and make payments
  • What is a loan servicer?

    A loan servicer handles details on behalf of the loan owner, in this case, the Department of Education, such as collecting and processing payments and answering questions.

  • What is a loan owner?

    The loan owner holds the loan promissory note and has the right to collect from the borrower. In this case, the Department of Education owns the loans that are moving from Navient to Aidvantage.

  • Where do I send my payments?

    Continue to use the same address you use today to send payments. Once it’s official, you’ll just need to update who it’s addressed to on your check - Aidvantage.

  • When can I create an online Aidvantage account?

    Please wait to create an online account until your loans are officially with Aidvantage (after you receive a welcome letter confirming your loan details). At that point, you’ll be able to use the same username and password that you use today – you’ll just be logging in to a different site.

  • When will my loans be reassigned to Aidvantage?

    Aidvantage will begin servicing your ED-owned loans this December. In the meantime, you’ll receive additional communications to keep you updated along the way. When it’s official, Aidvantage will send you a welcome letter with your loan details.

  • Why are my loans being reassigned?

    Servicing transfers are a normal business practice that happen from time to time. Aidvantage is replacing Navient as the servicer of your ED-owned loans. Please note: Aidvantage is not purchasing or merging with Navient.

  • Will my repayment plan options and borrower benefits continue?

    Yes, any repayment plan options available to you and borrower benefits provided in your promissory note will continue at Aidvantage.

  • How will I know when my loans have been reassigned to Aidvantage?

    Once it’s official, Aidvantage will send you a welcome letter so you’ll know your loans are with Aidvantage. At that time, you will be able to create an account on Aidvantage's website (link coming soon), begin sending payments to Aidvantage, and contact Aidvantage with any questions about your loans.

  • Are all my Navient loans moving to Aidvantage?

    All your ED-owned FFELP and/or Direct loans currently serviced by Navient will be reassigned to Aidvantage. However, any other loans, such as FFELP and/or private, will continue to be serviced by Navient. You can go to and log in to see a complete list of your federal student loans held by any servicer.

  • I have other loans that will remain with Navient. What does that mean for me?

    Once your ED-owned loans are officially with Aidvantage, you will have two servicers. Aidvantage will service your ED-owned loans and Navient will service the others (FFELP and/or private). This means you’ll need to manage those loans separately with each servicer. For example, log in to different websites, make separate payments, and enroll in repayment plans independently.

  • If I am in a deferment, forbearance, or repayment plan, do I need to reapply?

    No. When your loans move to Aidvantage this will automatically be updated on our system. Remember, unless you’ve opted out, your payments are temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 emergency. Those relief measures will end January 31, 2022. Visit for updates.

  • I currently receive my Navient communications electronically, which is my preference. How do I make sure this continues with Aidvantage?

    No action is needed. You will continue to receive your communications with Aidvantage the same way you do today.

  • I’m currently enrolled in Auto Pay with Navient. Will I need to re-enroll with Aidvantage?

    Your Auto Pay enrollment will automatically switch to Aidvantage, but confirmation may be required if your payments are suspended due to the coronavirus emergency.

    Auto Pay will not occur during the COVID-19 payment suspension (unless you’ve opted out). For your Auto Pay to resume after the payment suspension ends, you must confirm your enrollment if you signed up for Auto Pay prior to March 13, 2020 – when these emergency relief measures became available. You can confirm enrollment online at or by phone. You’ll also receive additional reminders over the coming months if you haven’t confirmed your enrollment and still need to take action.

  • Can you change my interest rate?

    No. Congress sets interest rates from the U.S. Department of Education through legislation that ties the rate to financial markets. Your student loan servicer does not set your student loan interest rate and cannot change it.

    Remember, due to the COVID-19 emergency, your interest rate was temporarily reduced to 0%. Those relief measures will end January 31, 2022. Visit for updates.

  • Why did my loans with FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA) transfer to Navient?

    On July 8, 2021, PHEAA announced they will no longer service ED-owned loans. As a result, the Department of Education is moving PHEAA’s loan volume to various servicers — in your case, to Navient. In December, Navient is transferring its Department of Education servicing to Aidvantage and your loans will be reassigned to them — making Aidvantage your new student loan servicer. 

    Note: You now have a new account number and contact information (which will stay the same at Aidvantage). 

  • I had loans with PHEAA, which are now with Navient and will be reassigned to Aidvantage. Should I wait to create an account with Aidvantage? 

    Save yourself a future step and set up your online account at Check out your loan details, sign up for eDelivery, make payments, view available repayment options, and much more. If you set up a account before your loans are with Aidvantage, your username and password will remain the same at Aidvantage.