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At Maximus, we serve as the bridge between people and services. As a leading provider of health and human services, we deliver on the promise of client-focused innovation, operational excellence, and people-first design. From delivering unemployment and workforce support to connecting consumers with digital government services and healthcare, we serve as a bridge between people and the services they need to thrive.

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Unemployment and workforce support

The past three years have forever changed the way employment support is delivered — from the way states process UI claims, to the way employers find workers, to the way job seekers approach work. Today, agencies are laying out a new vision to support job seekers and employers, utilizing funding from a variety of sources including SNAP, TANF, and WIOA. As government’s go-to partner for changing the status quo, we’re uniquely equipped to turn ideas into reality.

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Workforce support for government

Due to workers retiring and difficulty attracting talent, many state and local agencies have fewer people than before the pandemic. So they augment their workforces by shifting routine, administrative duties to Maximus — enabling their workers to focus more on helping people. Others turn to us for specialized talent — including in technology and healthcare — to fill skill gaps. The benefit of this flexible, “blended workforce” is that Maximus can screen, hire, train, scale, and redeploy employees in response to government’s changing needs.

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Digital government services

By putting the consumer at the core of government interactions, we help agencies deliver a personalized all-of-government experience that achieves greater program efficiencies and contributes to deeper trust of state government. Our solutions apply a people-first approach to understand what drives consumers' needs and pain points, to ultimately help them achieve their goals.

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Medicaid unwinding

After a three-year pause, states are resuming the recertification of Medicaid and CHIP eligibility for over 91 million people nationwide. Helping millions of Medicaid ineligible individuals find and enroll in affordable health coverage is critical to ensuring they retain access to healthcare. We have the experience to help states navigate the process from start to finish.

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Session: Farm Bill Reauthorization and SNAP

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Monday, May 22 | 1:45 - 2:45 p.m. | Constellation F

Join us for an interactive discussion with key Congressional staff on the outlook for the Farm Bill and critical SNAP issues.

The cost of the Nutrition Title (primarily SNAP) is projected to exceed 80% of the total cost of the Farm Bill, and several policy issues have already garnered attention – not to mention the potential of overall budget pressures outside of the Farm Bill. This facilitated discussion will focus on the process and several of the issues. Key staff from the House Agriculture Committee will share insights based on questions and feedback from the moderator and a State Secretary. The audience will also have the opportunity to ask questions and provide input, and as time allows, we may turn the tables to see if Congressional staff have questions for the other panelists or audience.


  • Doug Howard, Senior Vice President, U.S. Services, Maximus
  • Jennifer Tiller, Deputy Staff Director of the House Committee on Agriculture under the leadership of Chairman Glenn Thompson (R-PA)
  • Katherine Stewart, Professional Staff on the House Committee on Agriculture for Ranking Member David Scott (D-GA)
  • Justin Brown, Oklahoma Secretary of Human Services and APHSA Leadership Council Chair 

GX and Service Delivery

Consumers needing government services shouldn’t have to explain their needs and provide the same information to multiple state agencies. GX by Maximus is a new kind of service delivery that combines service design, engagement, and measurement to deliver better outcomes.

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