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Image of Maximus staff building a tiny houses in Texas.

On a beautiful Saturday in 2018, Maximus staff from multiple Texas projects had the opportunity to work with two Foundation grantees, Helping Hand Home for Children and Austin Habitat for Humanity, on one very special project!

Helping Hand Home for Children is a residential child care agency which is home to more than 40 children who are healing from physical, emotional and sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment. The home provides a continuum of services, from therapeutic residential treatment, to foster care programs, to adoption and family support programs. Austin Habitat for Humanity, whose mission is to provide safe and stable homes for families who cannot afford housing, was the perfect partner for this volunteer effort.

Volunteers from the Maximus Enrollment Broker and Child Support Services projects worked together to create three fun, beautiful playhouses that were each given to a child placed with a family through Helping Hand. The employees worked in teams of 10 to create the houses, which each had a theme and were decorated with paint and stencils. 

"It was so heartwarming to see the children pick their houses. I could not help but to tear up. Everybody there felt the same way," shared Melinda Metteauer, Senior Vice President of U.S. Health Operations and member of the Maximus Foundation Board of Directors.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped to create three ‘tiny’ gifts that made a big impact!