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Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind (CLB) is a Washington, D.C. based organization that empowers people with vision loss to live independent, active and productive lives. CLB is a firm believer that vision impairment should not limit one’s access to a fulfilling life.

CLB offers programs ranging from consultations about adjusting to vision loss and assistive technology to low vision treatment to workforce services and counseling. Their approach is truly comprehensive, taking into account the mental, physical and career effects that blindness may have on a person. Because their services are free, CLB is able to serve low income, uninsured and under-insured individuals who would not ordinarily receive ophthalmological care.

One of the amazing programs run by CLB is the Youth Transition Program at American University. This program promotes independence and gives young adults the skills they need to succeed in higher education, professional work settings and their communities. Program participant, Dajon, describes his experience saying, “I learned how to problem solve, how to be more confident in myself, and how to drink coffee in the morning.” Dajon, like many other local residents, has benefitted significantly from CLB’s programs.

Grants from the Maximus Foundation have helped to fund CLB’s screening program for diabetic retinopathy. CLB is committed to screening at least 200 people annually with short waiting times and increased efficiency, as well as providing patients with the educational materials necessary to be fully informed about their conditions. The Maximus Foundation is grateful to have CLB as a partner in helping empower visually impaired members of our local community.

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