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Every year approximately 44 million Americans experience mental health issues. Although mental health care is an essential and much-needed service in our country, many people do not have proper access to the resources they need. For this reason, the Maximus Foundation has partnered with many nonprofits focused on bettering access to mental health care.

One of these incredible partners is the Denver Children’s Home which provides a refuge for low-income children who have been abused, neglected or traumatized. The organization offers comprehensive care based on the most up to date research to children of all income levels. Their programs range from a residential youth treatment center to a school which caters to the particular needs of children who have undergone severe emotional traumas. The Denver Children’s Center creates a safer, more caring community for these children, who have in the past been forgotten. Grants from the Maximus Foundation have helped to maintain the high level of support to local youth. Together, we are helping children heal from the traumas of their past and look towards a better future.

Learn more about the Denver Children’s Home.