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Sexual violence is an issue that tends to be silent and pervasive in our society. The CDC reports that nearly one in five women experience unwanted sexual contact in their lifetimes1. Yet, often victims of sexual assault feel shame about their abuse and are unlikely to report their experiences. Shame about abuse can lead to depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, along with many other mental health and social challenges. Many survivors of assault lack access to counseling and the support they need to recover from their trauma.

The Maximus Foundation has partnered with the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center (HCWC) based in San Marcos, Texas, to help victims of abuse and assault receive the care they need. Hays-Caldwell specializes in addressing family violence, sexual assault and child abuse. By providing services including shelters, counseling, children’s advocacy, community education and a crisis hotline, HCWC works to make victims feel safe and empowered. Their results have been striking.  96% of children receiving their services felt safer after six visits, and 88% did not feel responsible for their abuse. Through their mental health and support resources for survivors of abuse, HCWC is changing survivors’ narratives to ones of hope and resiliency.

Learn more about HCWC.