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Image of Maximus employees learning from SAAF staff
Maximus employees learn from SAAF staff.

Maximus' mission is to help move people forward. A few local Texas-based Maximus employees had a chance to meet one of the local organizations that benefit from foundation grants.

The San Antonio AIDS Foundation (SAAF) is a haven for those looking for equitable access to education, prevention, and sexual healthcare. Founded in 1986, it began as a response to the medical and social crisis at a time when most were afraid to acknowledge the AIDS epidemic. SAAF has become the oldest and most comprehensive professionally managed organization that provides services for those affected by HIV in Bexar County and 11 surrounding South Texas counties. In addition to connecting its clients with resources and education, SAAF offers mental health counseling, case management, medical, testing, and pharmacy services.

Maximus employees learn from SAAF staff.

"Many of our projects at Maximus support low-income populations, and the SAAF group works with a segment of those individuals who are facing challenges in healthcare," Betsy Coats, Maximus Foundation ambassador and senior manager with Texas Health Enrollment Broker (EB) Outreach team.

Thomas Kimpel, Foundation ambassador, and operations director for the Texas EB team, added that SAAF aligns with the Foundation's mission of uplifting marginalized communities.

"At its core, Maximus is a company that helps families get access to valuable healthcare services. We serve many of the same clients as SAAF, and our mission to move people forward aligns well with their goals," he said. "I love the people I work with, and I take great pride in the important work we do helping the citizens of Texas access healthcare for their families and removing any barriers to that access."

Coats, who has worked for the Texas EB Project for 23 years, said she appreciates the benefits and assistance SAAF provides to her community.

SAAF also provides outreach services to provide HIV prevention education to schools, colleges, and universities and probation and detention programs. Last year, SAAF presented to 7,807 individuals across San Antonio school districts. By removing the stigma about testing to young adults through this program, they've seen a 20% increase in testing in people under the age of 24.

"The services provided allow the client to feel cared for and valued. It takes a village. SAAF teaches about prevention and healthy relationships in a safe and respectful way," she said. "I encourage all our Maximus employees to take a minute and sign up to donate to the Foundation; it helps in ways you wouldn't believe."

Kimpel, who's worked for Maximus for 16 years, said he's had the opportunity to visit several Maximus Foundation grant partners and enjoys learning more about their community services.

"We support so many incredible community organizations, and I think all of our foundation contributors should take great pride knowing they are supporting these invaluable organizations," he said.

Learn more about the San Antonio AIDS Foundation and their impact by visiting

Giving back to the communities we serve

The Maximus Foundation is one of the ways Maximus employees are doing something greater together. Established by the Maximus Board of Directors in 2000, the Maximus Foundation is an independent, employee-led, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Employee donors pool their contributions together through the Foundation, increasing their community impact by supporting nonprofits that serve the same communities we do. Employee donors double their impact through Maximus' dollar-for-dollar matching pledge and make their voices heard by nominating and voting for future grantee partners. Learn more at