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A group of youth who have received services from Denver Children's Home (DCH) holds signs to show their appreciation.
A group of youth who have received services from Denver Children's Home (DCH) holds signs to show their appreciation.

A significant percentage of children who experience abuse or neglect are at risk of developing mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These children have an increased possibility of developing a mental health disorder by the age of 18. They are more likely to struggle with academic performance, substance abuse, and interpersonal relationships later in life.

Denver Children's Home (DCH) works to provide hope for children who have survived trauma, neglect, and abuse, and are facing serious mental health challenges as a result. DCH delivers a comprehensive therapeutic and educational continuum of care for them and their families through prevention, intervention, and treatment programs.

DCH's programs and services are designed to be holistic and integrative. They combine evidence-based therapeutic interventions with educational support, life skills training, and family therapy. This multifaceted approach ensures that children receive the comprehensive care they need to navigate their mental wellness journey successfully.

By basing its treatment approach on a trauma-informed care model that prioritizes understanding and addressing the underlying causes of a child's mental wellness, rather than just treating the symptoms, DCH empowers children to overcome these challenges to heal, grow, and thrive. With a commitment to creating a nurturing and supportive environment for children, the staff at DCH are highly trained professionals who provide compassionate care and foster a sense of safety, trust, and belonging crucial for healing.

DCH school staff provides on-site therapeutic, educational, and positive socio-emotional environments for children and teens.

Many of the clients that come to DCH have experienced trauma, abuse, and severe neglect and are diagnosed with a serious mental illness, which causes many to struggle in school, so they are at risk of failing and dropping out. To address this need, DCH has a fully accredited on-site school, The Bansbach Academy, which provides core academics in a small class environment. This traditional educational setting is combined with programs that promote self-sufficiency, leadership development, entrepreneurship, and character development, all with the support of a youth treatment counselor.

Additionally, 98% of clients qualify as low-income or have other challenges that impact their living situations, so DCH has five on-site dormitories for children and teens ages 9 to 18. Each has a common area and bathroom, with air conditioning and heating. In addition to living in a highly structured environment with wide-ranging clinical support, DCH also provides full-time staffing to ensure the safety and health of the clients.

With the support of a grant from the Maximus Foundation, DCH was able to provide additional funding to numerous programs, including the residential program, The Bansbach Academy, a day treatment program, the semi-independent group homes for adolescents known as Discovery Home and Inspire Home, as well as additional community-based services. These vital services help DCH meet its mission of providing a comprehensive therapeutic and educational continuum of care for Colorado’s abused, neglected, and traumatized children (and their families) who are also living with mental health issues.

DCH served 140 clients in 2023, including 61 in the residential program, 34 in the day treatment program, 35 intensive in-home clients, and one school client. In addition to clients served directly through therapeutic services, DCH served 129 families through its Intensive In-Home and Community-Based Services program, bringing the total number of individuals they served to an estimated 774.

DCH provides children with the tools, support, and opportunities to heal and build brighter futures. Their commitment to making a meaningful difference in these children's lives is truly inspiring and impactful.

Learn more about how Denver Children’s Home is a lifeline for children who have survived trauma, neglect, and abuse, living with significant mental health challenges.

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