Benefits & Eligibility

Building bright futures for our most vulnerable populations through SSI/SSDI assessment services

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Benefits & Eligibility
Assessment Services

MAXIMUS is dedicated to improving the welfare of the nation’s most vulnerable populations by providing a broad range of Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI)/Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) assessment services. We partner with government agencies to deliver one-stop solutions designed to achieve program goals – from improving lives and communities to maximizing reimbursements and saving money. We are passionate about advocating for vulnerable populations, and our team brings a unique blend of knowledge, skills and experience that is unmatched by any other organization.

Our Approach

The MAXIMUS approach involves employing skilled staff and proprietary software to create an efficient and effective project. Our team knows and adheres to Social Security Administration (SSA) operational regulations to ensure that all SSI/SSDI benefits are acquired for the individual in a timely manner. Services include completing and submitting initial eligibility applications, providing monthly reporting on status of applications, serving as a liaison to SSA, and developing and maintaining a positive and professional relationship with them to support timely processing. Since we have extensive experience in the SSI/SSDI application process, we make sure that each application is accompanied by all necessary medical and financial information so that the SSA office does not have to request additional documentation that can result in unnecessary delays to the eligibility determination process. And when necessary, we move quickly to assist with appeals and fair hearings.

Our comprehensive benefits and eligibility assessment services include: