1095-A Tax forms: Frequently Asked Questions

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April 08, 2015

With the April 15 tax filing deadline rapidly approaching, Americans are gathering their financial information and tax forms. For many health insurance marketplace consumers, this includes a new form they have received this year called the 1095-A, also known as the Health Insurance Marketplace Statement. This 1095-A contains important information for consumers who enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan through the Federal Marketplace on healthcare.gov or through a state marketplace in 2014 and want to claim the Premium Tax Credit or are required to reconcile the tax credits they received in 2014.

The form went out to two groups of consumers: those who enrolled in health insurance coverage with financial assistance and those who enrolled without financial assistance. In the six state marketplace contact centers MAXIMUS operates, the majority of the calls we are receiving about the 1095-A are from consumers who are wondering why they received the form and what action they need to take.

The most common questions include:

  • Why did I receive this form?
  • What do certain terms mean (e.g., Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan)?
  • What do I do with this form once I’ve filled it out?
  • How can I use this form to file my 2014 tax return?
  • Is my form correct (and what do I do if it’s not)?

For consumers who have received a 1095-A and have questions, they should contact their state health insurance marketplace or healthcare.gov, if they enrolled through the Federal Marketplace. The New York State of Health has created a great piece with frequently asked questions to help consumers better understand the Form 1095-A.