Friday Five – December 22, 2017

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December 21, 2017

In this week’s Friday Five, MAXIMUS is reading about the status of CHIP, individuals still eligible to enroll for 2018 health coverage, the end of funding for designated state health programs, and the anticipated impact of the tax bill on health care.

1. Who can still sign up for 2018 coverage after December 15?

Open enrollment for 2018 health insurance coverage ended on December 15, with a few exceptions. This Kaiser Family Foundation chart breaks down who is still eligible to enroll, including residents of certain states and individuals whose 2017 coverage was discontinued.

2. What parents should know about CHIP’s status now

States have begun notifying families that CHIP funding may expire. CBS News recommends that parents check their state’s CHIP funding status, find out how the program is structured, and advocate for funding reauthorization. Most states will run out of funds by March 2018. 

3. CMS to end federal Medicaid funding for ‘designated state health programs’

An article in Health Exec confirms that CMS will no longer approve Section 1115 waivers that include funding for Designated State Health Programs. States already receiving funding will continue to do so until their waiver expires.  

4. Your healthcare questions about the tax bill, answered

Vox reports on the anticipated health care impacts of the pending tax bill, including repeal of the individual mandate and retention of the medical expenses deduction.

5. Without the Insurance Mandate, Health Care’s Future May Be in Doubt

A repeal of the insurance mandate, anticipated to pass within the Republican tax bill, is expected to increase insurance premiums and lower enrollment. According to the New York Times, the CBO estimates that premiums will increase by 10% and more than 4 million more people will be uninsured in 2019.