Friday Five – January 19, 2018

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January 19, 2018

In this week’s Friday Five, MAXIMUS is reading about a potential government shutdown, Medicaid work requirements, states with the most uninsured residents, and new treatment options to address the opioid epidemic.

1. Government shutdown 2018: what we know so far

Congress has until midnight tonight to reach a funding agreement or the government will shut down. This article from Vox reports on where things stand and why Senators may not vote for a short-term spending resolution. 

2. Medicaid and work requirements: New guidance, state waiver details and key issues

Earlier this month, CMS issued new guidance on including work requirements in Section 1115 Medicaid waiver requests. In this article, the Kaiser Family Foundation breaks down the changes, status of current waiver requests, and key issues related to linking work requirements and Medicaid eligibility.

3. KY gets approval for 1115 Medicaid waiver with work requirements

Kentucky is the first state to receive approval for a Medicaid waiver including work requirements, according to Health Payer Intelligence. The waiver requires adults on Medicaid to work (or participate in other approved activities) for 80 hours per month and increases premiums. 

4. These states have the most uninsured Americans. Tax reform could make things worse

The rate of uninsured Americans is anticipated to rise after the recent repeal of the individual mandate. In this article, Cheat Sheet focuses on the top 15 states that currently have the most uninsured residents, ranging from approximately 10% to 17% of the population.

5. Medicaid waiver aims to improve access to treatment for substance use disorders

West Virginia recently received a five-year Medicaid waiver designed to help them address the opioid epidemic. According to West Virginia Public Broadcasting, this waiver will increase screening and treatment options for Medicaid recipients and make naloxone more available throughout the state.


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