Friday Five – November 3, 2017

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November 03, 2017

In this week’s Friday Five, MAXIMUS is reading about important things to know about the ACA, the pros and cons of Medicaid waivers, the ongoing shift to Medicaid managed care, and the recommendations from the Trump opioid commission.

1. Five things to know about ACA at year 5

As the open enrollment period begins, Kaiser Health News reports on five important things to know about the Affordable Care Act, including the importance of shopping around and enrolling by the December 15 deadline.

2. Policy experts debate pros and cons of state Medicaid waivers

MedPage Today discusses the positive and negative impacts that state Medicaid waivers have had while acknowledging that evaluation for said waivers could be more robust. The article also reports on emerging trends in new waiver applications.

3. Next version of KanCare may include work requirements for some

Kansas plans to apply for a Medicaid waiver that would expand services, but also implement a work requirement for some recipients, according to the Lawrence Journal-World

4. Insurers add 1 million Medicaid patients in 2017 amid failed Obamacare repeals

The number of Medicaid recipients covered by managed care plans continues to rise under Medicaid expansion made possible by the Affordable Care Act. Forbes reports that more than 70% of beneficiaries are now enrolled in private plans that contract with Medicaid. 

5. Trump opioid panel ducks question of new money

Politico reports that the opioid commission established by Trump acknowledges that lack of funding is a primary barrier to effective efforts, but does not ask Congress to appropriate additional funding. The commission calls for increasing access to treatment, recovery and medication.