Danielle Valdes-jimenez

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Danielle Valdes-Jimenez

Outreach Manager, New Hire Reporting Programs

Ms. Valdes-Jimenez joined MAXIMUS in June 2010, providing Culturally Competent Outreach services for child support new hire reporting programs across the nation. Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she spent summers traveling the state and learning about its diverse cultures, history and environments. She studied Art Therapy and Education before settling on Cultural Anthropology and Social Services, graduating from Athabasca University in Canada. Fluent in Spanish, Ms. Valdez-Jimenez completed field work with indigenous cultures in Central America, and now specializes in cultures of the Southwestern United States.

December 02, 2015

Using Culturally Competent Outreach to Enhance the Success of Child Support Programs

The United States is a diverse nation, comprised of many unique individuals who are each a product of their own experiences and environment and shaped by their culture. When operating a social program that serves the public, such as with child support services, differences in cultural backgrounds can lead to miscommunications that may impede program success. To be successful in providing services to a diverse public, child support organizations must be able to bridge cultural divides by leveraging Culturally Competent Outreach methods.


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