Laura Rosenak

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Laura Rosenak

Senior Vice President, Child Support

Ms. Rosenak has more than 25 years of direct experience managing health and human services operations and provides executive oversight for the MAXIMUS North America child support practice, including full-service outsourced operations, new hire reporting, voluntary paternity acknowledgment programs, national medical support notice (NMSN) processing, financial institution data matching (FIDM), call center and contact center contracts, and specialized services projects.

August 01, 2018

Celebrating National Child Support Awareness Month and Professionals Everywhere Who Help Children and Families Thrive

August is National Child Support Awareness Month! Established by President Bill Clinton through Proclamation 6814, this heightened awareness provides a foundation for recognizing the importance of child support programs at all levels of government to ensure children receive the financial and emotional support to lead secure and healthy lives.

July 26, 2016

Celebrating National Child Support Awareness Month and Child Support Professionals Everywhere

August 2016 marks the 21st anniversary of National Child Support Awareness Month, established by former President William Jefferson Clinton through Proclamation 6814 to recognize the importance of child support programs at all levels of government – and the professionals who operate them – to ensuring children receive the necessary financial support to lead secure and healthy lives.

April 05, 2016

Public-Private Partnerships: Compelling Benefits for Government Agencies to Consider

The federal funding incentive structure for IV-D programs is dependent upon meeting federal performance goals in five key program areas (paternity establishment, support order establishment, current support, arrears collections and cost effectiveness) as well as improving performance and increasing TANF and non-TANF collections. Performance in these program areas and collections impact a state’s ability to generate federal dollars for its program.

September 14, 2015

Decoding the Federal Funding Formula to Maximize Funding for Your IV-D Program

The formula used by the federal government to calculate the amount of funds it gives to state IV-D programs is complex. By understanding how it works, however, you can evaluate your state’s performance to identify those activities that could help generate more federal dollars for your IV-D program.

Three Components of the Federal Funding Formula

As overall performance and collections increase, states are able to generate revenues from each of the three components of the federal funding formula:

March 12, 2014

In Child Support, Early Intervention Trumps Enforcement

The percentage of U.S. children living in a household with two married parents has dropped from 77 percent to 64 percent since 1980. While this doesn’t change the fact that children continue to receive the majority of necessary economic and emotional support from their parents, it does make it more of a challenge. Today, more and more parents rely on government provided financial assistance or court-ordered child support payments for their child, which means child support agencies are playing an increasingly important role in the well-being of our nation’s kids.


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