Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

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Providing expertise to improve health and human service programs, processes, and systems

Business Process Reengineering

MAXIMUS brings our four decades of expertise of working with health and human services organizations in virtually every state to help you find new efficiencies, expand and create new programs, and identify new technologies to meet the unique needs of your beneficiaries.

Solutions for Tough Fiscal Times

In a time when budgets are being slashed further than we ever thought possible, you face continuing pressures caused by the dwindling of funds. Your resources are further challenged by an ever-increasing regulatory environment that demands exceptional accuracy, high-quality and exemplary customer service. Within this complex landscape, you can rely on MAXIMUS as a trusted partner to help you optimize your program with cost-effective results. We will leverage our vast health and human services program experience to deliver solutions that help your program reach its objectives, despite the economic crisis.

Areas of Focus

Our comprehensive business process reengineering solutions provide services for many aspects of your health and human services programs, including:

Client Satisfaction

"MAXIMUS worked diligently and efficiently to get the process changed. Because any delays in implementation would negatively affect the members, MAXIMUS efficiency in getting it completed was outstanding."

-Janette Lopez, Chief Deputy Director
California Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board