Assessment Scheduling Assistance Program (ASAP)

An indispensable tool for scheduling multiple respondents simultaneously

ASAP is a web-based, user-friendly solution that allows all key stakeholders to easily and efficiently schedule joint interviews for Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) and other assessments. 

ASAP is particularly convenient for simplifying and expediting the complex scheduling of SIS assessments. Because a complete SIS assessment is conducted simultaneously with an intellectual and developmental disabilities professional and several key responders that know the individual well, including the individual, support coordinators, provider staff, and family members, it can be difficult and challenging to manage the schedules of each respondent to ensure their participation. ASAP allows efficient coordination of time commitments by multiple respondents. It helps support coordinators and providers manage interview schedules, which increases their ability to fit the comprehensive interviews into their busy schedules. Most importantly, ASAP ensures that the scheduling preferences of individuals and family members are maximized.