Contact Centers

Comprehensive customer service for your citizens

Driven by the changing expectations of citizens, poor service scores, and legislative mandates, government has been challenged to do a better job delivering services. Maximus leads the way in multichannel contact center support for citizen services, from Medicaid to the U.S. Census to state child support agencies.

Your go-to partner for top-quality support


Citizen Engagement Centers around the globe

44 million

calls annually to support health insurance enrollment for a large federal agency

22 million

beneficiaries in 20 states served by Maximus

Offering speed, flexibility and expertise

Flexibility to scale or launch quickly

Whether responding to a natural disaster or ramping up for healthcare enrollment, you may need to assemble a contact center team fast. Our reputation as an employer-of-choice enables us to be exceptionally efficient at recruiting, rehiring and training, saving precious time and money. And, with retention rates well above the industry average, we maintain consistently reliable performance, helping you meet service levels.

A modernized approach to customer support

At Maximus, we’re continually developing innovative approaches to enhance our multi-channel and multilingual support services.

No matter how you engage your citizens – phone, web chat, email, text, social media – we deliver a seamless, multi-channel experience that lets them choose their preferred methods of interaction. The result is a smooth partnering of people, process and technology that is the hallmark of our citizen engagement centers.

Leading-edge technology

Intelligent virtual assistants. Robotic process automation. Artificial intelligence. Voice bots. Technology is at the heart of our efforts to increase agent efficiency and provide more intuitive self-service.

The next generation of citizen service

The Maximus Intelligent Assistant is unlike any other automated voice tool. Utilizing a blend of human and artificial intelligence, it combines conversational speech and natural language technology to provide self-service that adapts to the caller’s needs. That allows citizens to resolve issues through normal conversation, expediting resolution and freeing agents for more complex requests.

We never forget the human touch

Let’s face it, many people prefer talking to a real person. By streamlining processes and leveraging technology, we enable our contact center staff to focus on the citizens who need more help. The result? An average customer satisfaction score of 97%.

Deep understanding of diverse populations

Utilizing the tools and specialists from our Center for Literacy, we’re able to constantly refresh and tailor our approaches to engage beneficiaries from ever-changing demographics. We offer support for multilingual, speech and hearing-impaired callers, and special populations.

Empathetic and empowered staff

You’re only as good as your people. Ours are not only customer care experts but caring individuals. We implement clear yet empowering policies that allow them to have the greatest impact, whether it’s working with individuals for as long as it takes, or striving to ensure that customers experience world-class service with every interaction.

Skilled in a wide range of services

• Eligibility Verification
• Program Enrollment
• Registration and Renewal
• Case Management
• Citizen Education
• Benefit Counseling

Specializing in citizen-centric programs

  • Medicaid
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  • Workforce Employment Services (TANF)
  • Child Support
  • Student Loans
  • Veteran Support Services
  • Disability Support Services
  • Health and Disease Information
Specializing in citizen-centric programs