Medicaid, CHIP, and Insurance Marketplaces

Provide bias-free choice counseling and enrollment

We help states improve choice rates and health outcomes by offering a simplified application and eligibility process that is easy for consumers to understand, and satisfies program requirements.

A proven solution for state health programs

With our person-centric approach, we streamline the decision making and enrollment processes for beneficiaries, and proactively engage them at critical points to ensure they enroll and re-enroll as necessary. Our Eligibility and Enrollment solution:

  • Offers a straightforward application that seamlessly works across multiple health insurance programs
  • Reduces the documentation required to determine program eligibility
  • Decreases consumer churn through operational best practices
  • Provides multichannel access via mail, fax, web and phone 
  • Gives consumers self-service tools with 24/7 access
  • Promotes application completion through plain language educational materials, applications, forms, instructions and websites
  • Addresses diverse language and literacy levels with multilingual materials and customer service representatives

higher rates of voluntary choice achieved across multiple projects with our person-centric approach and enrollment strategies

Learn why we're government's go-to enrollment broker

As the largest administrative provider of government health programs in the country, we are government's go-to leader in providing eligibility determination and enrollment broker services. We provide unbiased, culturally competent choice counseling services. Since we are conflict-free, with no affiliation or ties to health plans or provider organizations, we are able to ensure program integrity while helping beneficiaries select the health coverage that is best for them and their family.