Supports Intensity Scale Assessments

Designed by the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD)

The Supports Intensity Scale (SIS®) is an assessment tool designed to effectively measure the support needs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Since 2007, we have partnered with states and AAIDD to develop exemplary SIS programs. Ascend (which is now part of Maximus) was the first independent company trained by AAIDD to perform SIS assessments – making us one of the most experienced and qualified SIS vendors in the nation. When states transition to the SIS, our knowledge base offers unequaled support, project management, and experience. With each of the over 35,000 SIS assessments we have conducted to date, and for each one we perform in the future, we are wholly committed to performing them in a person-centered, independent, manner to accurately represent each individual’s unique support and service needs.

Make assessment scheduling easier for respondents and participants

In addition to assisting states with their SIS project’s structure, transition, implementation, or ongoing assessments needs, we offer the Ascend Scheduling Assistance Program (ASAP™), a customizable web-based SIS scheduling data system that provides a systematic way for SIS respondents and participants to share their availability and also streamlines the request and approval process for urgent assessments.