Case Management

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Tailoring our case management solutions to deliver outstanding outcomes with a flexible range of service options

Case Management

Each year, MAXIMUS manages more than 20 million cases worldwide. Since 1975, we have been serving specialized populations worldwide. Our approach creates an individualized experience that spans a participant’s entire relationship with a government program.

We achieve this by striking the optimum balance of self-service digital solutions that streamline high-volume transactional activities with high-touch processes where personal attention from a caseworker is needed.  Our approach also emphasizes real-time access to government systems of record — ensuring program data is accurate and accessible for delivering outcomes that matter.

Creating a Comprehensive Approach to Case Management

The MAXIMUS approach to case management offers a full range of benefits by combining people, process and technology:

  • Customer-focused service options and flexible choices for managing caseloads enabling us to create an individualized, yet consistent and efficient, customer experience
  • Scalability ranging from expanding enrollment in a focused, single-mission program to expanding the mission across multiple programs
  • Outreach and market segmentation using techniques to persuade program participants in an effort to achieve program goals — particularly targeted towards high-use, high-cost populations within the caseloads
  • Effective communications that are fully integrated across multiple touch-points based on the participant’s convenience and preference for digital and in-person solutions, such as phone calls, text messages, emails, office visits, Web chats, letters, social media and mobile apps
  • Real-time access to legacy systems of record to ensure accurate and timely access to program information
  • Predictive analytics to anticipate individual participant needs based on changes in his or her data using tools, processes and workflows that move individual cases through the process with greater ease
  • Adaptable and fluid enabling the program to adapt to changing policy requirements and technology capabilities