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Pennsylvania achieved an immediate – and sustained – improvement in its electronic reporting rates by adding live chat to its new hire reporting website. By enabling employers to chat with program representatives while they upload data on new employees, Pennsylvania’s program is seeing greater accuracy and faster reporting times — enabling it to locate non-custodial parents and expedite the child support withholding process. In addition, this customer-focused option also saves time and reduces frustrations for employers as they comply with new hire reporting obligations.

Here are five key reasons for adding live chat to your new hire program.

1. Live chat is convenient and respects the employer’s busy schedule.

Live chat provides busy employers immediate and convenient access to help — a welcome alternative to the frustration of picking up the phone, navigating through a maze of numeric options, and then possibly waiting on hold. Whether they have questions about the new hire reporting process or run into technical issues when attempting to upload files, employers can ask questions while they are online and get them resolved then and there. Even when their questions require research by your program staff, employers can continue their regular work activities as they wait for responses.

2. Live chat generates greater satisfaction and improved relationships with employers.

Inquiries on live chat can be tracked and monitored more efficiently, easily exposing trends and common issues employers may be experiencing. Your program can use this information to make adjustments to your website and employer communications to reduce confusion and improve employers’ overall experience. When employers’ needs are being met when and where they encounter challenges, the image of your program improves and customer satisfaction rates increase, helping to build stronger relationships. More robust relationships facilitate ongoing, accurate and timely new hire reporting.

3. Live chat boosts your compliance.

Live chat is a low-cost investment that can improve compliance. Because a customer service representative can help resolve employers questions or technical issues more easily on the spot, employers are much more likely to submit their new hire data accurately and quickly.

4. Live chat saves time and reduces expenses.

Customer service representatives can use responses to commonly asked questions prepared in advance. This enables them to respond to and resolve employers’ questions faster and more clearly. This not only heightens employers’ experience, but it also saves them valuable time.

5. Live chat facilitates greater support for children and families.

New hire information is critical for collecting child support and preventing fraud overpayments in unemployment and worker’s compensation programs. By incorporating live chat into your new hire reporting operations, you can create an employer-friendly option that helps boost new hire reporting, ultimately helping children and families maintain financial stability and saving employers and taxpayers millions of dollars each year.