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Helping government serve the people – when it matters most

There’s almost nothing more essential than information. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, we continued to support the CDC by rapidly expanding our call centers that answer the public’s health questions on behalf of them. During the pandemic, the public turned to this CDC support channel in great numbers to answer questions about how to keep their families healthy and help flatten the curve. We responded to the increased volume by rapidly expanding our staff five-fold, moving to 24/7 operations, and establishing work-from-home policies so that our staff remained safe, healthy, and able to support the public’s questions.

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Partnering with government to deliver essential services – when it matters most

People need easy access to information about their Medicare benefits – especially amid a health crisis. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve worked with our partners at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to quickly enact work-from-home policies that enabled staff to continue providing support for the 1-800-MEDICARE call center, remotely fielding more than half a million calls in just six weeks. Beneficiaries never experienced an interruption in service, and operations continued seamlessly for this critical health program.

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Helping citizens reach government anytime, anywhere

You can’t be counted if you can’t be reached. We help the U.S. Census Bureau connect with the public to assist them in completing their Census questionnaire. With a well-trained staff that can provide support in more than a dozen languages, we’re the partner the U.S. Census Bureau trusts to gather, secure, and support this massive, decennial data collection effort. We’ve even developed innovative approaches for our operations during COVID-19 to ensure that service is uninterrupted – while maintaining the health and safety of our staff.

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