CEO Message: COVID-19

Proud of our employees during these unprecedented times.

Maximus CEO Bruce Caswell shared these statements during our Q2 FY20 Earnings Call on May 7, 2020.

To our employees, clients, shareholders, and the public we serve:

I could not be more proud of our employees’ efforts during these unprecedented times. COVID-19 is a global pandemic that impacts all of us. We are working around the clock to ensure we protect our employees while still serving government and the vulnerable populations who rely on the health and human services programs we operate – a demand which is only increasing under the impacts of this pandemic.

Protecting our employees during COVID-19

In mid-March, we rapidly developed a response to fast-moving COVID-19 challenges and implemented new policies, emphasizing paid sick leave, social distancing, and significantly enhanced cleaning regimens, to keep our employees safe and healthy.

The link to the pdf provided below illustrates many of the protections and resources we have provided, and I will touch on some of the most salient actions taken in my remarks. If you hover over each box, additional details will be highlighted for each initiative.

Employee protections and resources

As part of our efforts, we are following the more restrictive recommendations outlined in the Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act and in some cases, we are exceeding the Act. While the Act does not apply to Maximus because we have more than 500 employees, we felt it provided a good benchmark for supporting and safeguarding our employees.

Our income-continuity plans are fully funded by Maximus and cover a variety of scenarios, including quarantine, childcare, government mandated restrictions, office closure, and employees who are in high risk categories.

Under these leave options, an employee’s health insurance is also protected, and we are not requiring them to take their accrued Paid Time Off – or PTO – in order to access these leave options.

We also realize that employee stress and anxiety is heightened during this time. Balancing the strains of normal life during the crisis has been difficult for us all. Consistent, frequent, and transparent communications to our staff remain vital. To further support our team members, we’ve launched topical videos from our Chief Medical Officer, mental health seminars, virtual development training classes, as well as wellness apps such as Headspace and Wellbeats.

Pivoting to work from home

One of the most impressive things we’ve done is the systematic and ongoing transition of employees to work from home. This has been a heroic effort in procuring new equipment, increasing network capacity, and deploying new services all while keeping operations running to meet program needs.

There are significant IT challenges in transitioning to a work from home model, ranging from information security and privacy requirements to ensuring continuity of services. Many government programs were never designed to be carried out in a remote environment, presenting high hurdles to immediately enable a remote workforce. This transition is also taking place during a pandemic-driven global IT equipment supply chain shortage. Equipment such as laptops and headsets are imperative for our customer service representatives to effectively serve citizens, but we have been working diligently with suppliers and have made great progress.

Maximus has also been able to overcome these challenges by capitalizing on the strategic investments we’ve made in our IT infrastructure, including emerging technologies such as secure remote network platforms and cloud-based omnichannel telephony environments. For example, we leveraged our planned migration to Amazon Web Services, or AWS, to provision nearly 9,000 secure agent desktops through the Amazon Workspaces as-a-service model thus far, in addition to approximately 7,500 VPN connection users.

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Helping governments respond to COVID-19.

And while we have talked about the operational disruptions and how we are tackling those, I’ve been pleased at how our teams have responded to the calls for support from our clients as they rapidly design and procure solutions to address the pandemic. Our ability to quickly pivot has underscored the resilience of our business model and our position as a trusted partner to governments worldwide.

Since mid-March, we have been helping our clients solve real challenges of rising caseloads and reduced resources. From operating CDC's information line and solutioning a turnkey outbound contact center in just six days to call patients with their COVID-19 test results, to helping states manage high volumes of unemployment claims and standing up contact tracing solutions, Maximus has been helping governments respond to COVID-19 in many ways.

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Inspired by our employees

I’ve been inspired by the dedication, selflessness, and resilience seen across our business in recent weeks. The resilience of our business model has also been impressive, and of our employees even more so.

One of the most inspiring stories comes from our colleagues in the United Kingdom where we are in the process of deploying nearly a thousand volunteer doctors, nurses, and other clinicians to the NHS to provide vital support on the front line. Dr. Paul Williams, Division President of Maximus UK, volunteered to serve along with our team members. In addition, non-clinical colleagues are preparing for redeployment in support of the national effort. This represents the true heart of Maximus and our more than 35,000 employees around the world.

It has been remarkable to witness how our colleagues are coming together to support the global effort against this pandemic. And the safety and wellbeing of our employees will continue to remain our top priority.

Governments are also planning for the time when, as we emerge from this crisis, our core capabilities in finding jobs for the unemployed, ensuring access to healthcare, and administering critical safety net programs will be needed more than ever. The world will be a different place, for sure, but so will the landscape for services and how they are delivered. The work we’ve done in helping clients innovate, scale, and still meet citizens’ needs will be a game changer. New opportunities will also emerge -- and we are well-positioned to respond.


Bruce Caswell
President and Chief Executive Officer