Child support and welfare services

Building for the future by putting children and families first

For over two decades, we have led child support programs by applying best practices, technology innovations, and subject matter experts to establish improved program outcomes and profound quality standards.

The leading provider of child support and welfare services across the country, and technology partner government trusts


U.S. projects supporting child support activities


in collections since 1992


out-performed top state-operated child support programs

The technology required to support complex programs

Build, Implement, and Modernize — We have built and implemented technologies designed to work across complex systems effectively and efficiently. For decades, we have consulted with states on how to modernize their systems, and have over 30-years' experience working with federal agencies to sustain legacy application systems — some still programmed in COBOL — that are dependent on obsolete software technologies. We supported modernization and data cleansing in some of the most extreme and urgent circumstances at the IRS.

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A partner with deep knowledge and experience of child support services

Our diverse portfolio of child support services includes:

Employer Services & Portal

• Electronic New Hire Reporting
• Electronic Income Withholding Processing
• Electronic NMSN Processing
• Compliance Outreach

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Employer & Participant Services

• Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement
• Debt Prevention Programs
• Review & Adjustment of Support Orders
• Comprehensive Operations Management
• Customer Service Contact Centers

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Planning & Implementation

• Program Performance Analytics
• Lean Program Consulting Services

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Decades of experience leading services for better health outcomes

We see the full spectrum of family support services as a blend of process improvement, technology, and engagement. Maximus serves as a true partner to enable a holistic approach to achieve improved health outcomes. 

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