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Helping millions of children access essential health services

Children's Health Insurance Program

For more than a decade, MAXIMUS has partnered with states to streamline processing, improve quality, promote education, and provide more efficient, effective health benefits services to Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) families. We serve nearly 2.5 million children, more than any other company.

Comprehensive CHIP Services

  • Targeted outreach and education
  • Accurate and timely eligibility determination
  • Improve access and retention to CHIP
  • Efficient and personal enrollment services
  • Responsive, friendly customer service
  • Secure and prompt premium processing
  • Reliable transitions between CHIP and Medicaid, when necessary
  • Gain unmatched visibility into your CHIP operations

Successful Outreach, Healthy Kids

Because many working people do not know that their families are eligible for public health benefits, CHIP outreach is critically important. We specialize in locating and communicating with hard-to-reach populations and non-English speakers.

MAXIMUS Technology Solutions for CHIP

MAXIMUS provides systems development, integration, and implementation services to public sector agencies that provide direct health care services. We develop Web-based solutions that facilitate consumer access to CHIP services.

Program Consulting

MAXIMUS also offers CHIP and other health-related business process reengineering consulting services.