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Master Agreement with Texas Department of Information Resources

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) offers Deliverables-Based IT Services (DBITS) to state agencies and government entities. Maximus is pleased to be an approved Texas DIR DBITS vendor.

Services Offered

Maximus offers the following Deliverables-Based IT Services:

Information Technology Assessments and Planning

  • IT Assessments and Planning may include IT effectiveness, maturity, governance, project management, and architecture. Strategic planning activities may include mission statement development, visioning and goals, objectives, and strategy development. Tactical planning may require that actionable plans and roadmaps be provided.
  • Examples include IT assessments, including enterprise architecture and cloud assessments; staff knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) assessments; bandwidth assessments, network performance, and strategic and tactical planning.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

  • Verification and Validation are independent procedures that are used together for in-depth analysis by checking that a product, service, or system meets requirements, independent oversight of SDLC processes and specifications, and that it fulfills its intended purpose.
  • Examples include validation of software design to meet system needs/requirements; traceability of safety critical requirements; design analysis of selected critical algorithms; and code analysis of mission-critical software components and the independent oversight and assessment of systems development life cycle (SDLC) processes (such as issue and risk management, requirements analysis, testing, data conversion etc.)

Market Research, Procurement Advisory, and Contract Implementation Services

  • Market Research, Procurement Advisory, and Contract Implementation services may include assistance in IT Statement of Work (SOW) and/or Request for Offer (RFO) development. Procurement assistance activities may include requirements gathering, scoring criteria development, and evaluation criteria development.
  • Examples include specification development, Statement of Work (SOW) development, and RFO development for IT products and services.
  • Note: Under Texas Government Code, § 2155.004, a state agency may not accept a bid or award a contract that includes proposed financial participation by a person who received compensation from the agency to participate in preparing the specifications or request for proposals on which the bid or contract is based. The selected vendor and the employees of that vendor who perform IT Procurement Assistance Services will be ineligible to respond to any resulting solicitation(s).

How to Order Services from Maximus

  1. Please email with your request.

  2. Prepare a Statement of Work (SOW) that is in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the DIR DBITS Contract and submit it to Maximus and two or more vendors of your choice. Click here for details on creating a compliant SOW.

  3. If a warranty period is an element of the contract, Maximus will create a Warranty Plan. The plan may include information related to hosting, maintenance, support, defect correction, and client-requested enhancements. The objective of the plan is to document the responsibilities of the vendor and the client during the warranty period. In addition, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and notification process are documented in the plan.

  4. Upon selection of Maximus, begin SOW and pricing negotiations.

  5. With both parties in agreement, submit a purchase order that includes our DIR Contract Number: DIR-CPO-4982. View our contract page.

Maximus DIR Contact Information

Cindy Wiley, Vice President Regional Sales
Maximus US Services, Inc
3501 Ed Bluestein Blvd,
Austin, Texas  78721

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