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Providing the tools for a sound and defensible F&A proposal

Comprehensive Rate
Information System (CRIS®)

Used by more than 130 educational institutions, the Comprehensive Rate Information System (CRIS) provides a total solution for preparing F&A rate proposals. Updated annually, CRIS incorporates all the reporting requirements of the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) and all applicable federal regulations, including the Standard Format, which summarizes financial and statistical data that is included in the proposal. MAXIMUS provides on-site, hands-on training in all applications of CRIS, giving you the support you need.

CRIS Offers Many Features and Flexibility

CRIS is now available on a sophisticated .Net platform, offering these benefits:

  • Allows the user to quickly perform "what-if" analyses
  • Supports rate calculations with easily accessible audit trails
  • Performs real-time data validations to ensure data integrity
  • Simplifies data analysis with an Excel-like interface
  • Accepts financial and statistical data from a variety of electronic sources
  • Operates in a Windows environment
  • Allows all F&A proposal schedules to be created at once
  • Provides a reporting engine to easily create custom reports
  • Launches screen-specific help at the touch of a button
  • Assists in developing the optimal proposed F&A rates while remaining in compliance with the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) and all applicable federal regulations and, in turn, receiving the maximum level of F&A dollar recoveries on grants

CRIS Short Form Brings Full Power to Short Form Proposals

With many of the same features of the established CRIS solution, the CRIS Short Form helps minimize the time and effort small research institutions spend on developing the F&A rate proposal, while also ensuring compliance with federal regulations. CRIS Short Form enables the identification, assignment, determination and application of cost rates applied to work at universities having total direct costs that do not exceed $10 million in a single fiscal year.

Tap into the benefits of CRIS Short Form:

  • Maximizes and supports the F&A proposal rate with standard methodologies
  • Calculates rates using modified total direct cost (MTDC), salary and wage (S&W) and salary and fringe bases for determination of which will be most advantageous to the University
  • Contains over 90 pre-formatted reports
  • Provides more accurate, defensible and timely results
  • Can be used for other costing models
  • Provides a federal government reporting module (fully compliant with the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) and all applicable federal regulations) that generates all necessary short form schedules for submission with the proposal