Customer Experience (CX) Solutions

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CX services and experiences reimagined

We work with customers to uncover the core needs of users to launch, scale, and reimagine services and experiences to help move people forward.

We are on the frontlines of customer experience

We deliver government agency expertise and domain knowledge. Our team knows first-hand how agencies operate to inform ideas and solutions for enhancing the citizen experience.

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Putting people first to deliver seamless customer experiences

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Understanding the Customer

Developing an effective customer experience is about creating value in the moments that matter most. We help customers understand the user journey, through human-centered design thinking we work to define a plan to exceed customer expectations.

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Implementing the Infrastructure to Deliver

Focusing on user-centricity to uncover new and transformational ways of delivering services. We work with customers to find solutions that can lower costs, build trust, and reduce the friction of trying to navigate siloed government systems and experiences.

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Rebuilding Citizen’s Trust in Government

Rebuilding trust starts with a partner who knows how to provide seamless and personalized service delivery. We work to transform operations, shifting the mindset from a government-centric to a citizen-centric focus, providing a roadmap to enable cross-agency collaboration.

Digital-First customer experience, but not digital only

Federal agencies are undertaking a digital transformation to improve the customer experience and are seeking solutions to make every service "digital first". Hear more from Andy Beamon, Senior Vice President of Citizen Services, and MaryAnn Monroe, Senior Director of Engagement Center Solutions, about why a digital-first, not digital only approach is key to delivering stellar citizen experiences in the latest episode of the CX  Tipping Point.

The CX Tipping Point Podcast | dorrisconsulting
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Delivering effective customer experience solutions

  • CX Advisory Services and Evaluation

    Starting with the customer journey, we take a holistic approach to identify pain points and mitigation options that offer the highest impact and connection to the customer.

    As a trusted partner in developing and implementing customer-centric programs across government, we help to push the boundaries and reimagine a new CX strategy that offers an enhanced and equitable experience.

  • CX Monitoring of Customer Feedback and Sentiment

    Leveraging advanced analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, and AI we enable customers to monitor insights at scale and provide data and reporting to show what is happening to customer's experiences in near-real time.

  • Rapid Response Implementation and Optimization

    Implementing tactical response and mitigation plans that include processes for responding to customer inquiries and reporting ongoing opportunities and threats to programmatic leadership using data-driven insights.

Capitalize on CX to drive the mission

Today’s consumers, either in the public or private sector, are expecting a seamless customer experience. To deliver, federal agencies must provide omni-channel experiences to give consumers what they want, when they want it.

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Creating a culture that continuously iterates and improves customer experiences

We have the experience to address your customer experience needs and the insights to help you leverage the learnings and benefits of equitable and enhanced CX across all other aspects of your business operations.

Customer Services, Digitally Enabled

Delivering mission-focused outcomes at the speed of government and public need, optimizing performance, and enhancing omni-channel capabilities.

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