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Helping governments leverage online, mobile and social tools to reach and support consumers

MAXIMUS Digital Solutions™

Since 1975, MAXIMUS has helped government programs communicate effectively with their participants. MAXIMUS Digital Solutions are based on our more than 40 years of lessons learned in engaging consumers on their preferred channels, ensuring key messages are communicated successfully.

Our digital solutions experts simplify communications processes. We ensure that client record management and account maintenance are constantly updated using efficient procedures tailored for each project. Our electronic document submission supports this through an advanced, quick-time process.

More than ever, states need to offer a modernized process that engages consumers through their preferred channels of online, mobile and social. MAXIMUS Digital Solutions provide that through:

  • Proven audience research tools to measure and define unique demographic differences for multiple communication channels
  • Program assessments to determine the best strategy for implementing a robust social media program
  • Strategic planning that includes policy recommendations, workflow assessments, content and graphic ideas, and measurement methodology
  • Comprehensive training to safely and effectively use new media
  • Mobile application development designed to achieve specific program goals and adapt to the changes and needs of program participants


MAXIMUS has built fully responsive Web portals for states across the country. No matter what device the customer is on – laptop, tablet or smart phone – they’ll enjoy a unified experience.


By engaging consumers with mobile technology, our digital solutions offer streamlined and simplified processes for beneficiaries to enroll and manage their benefits for health and human services programs. MAXIMUS mobile solutions integrate with our Web portals, utilizing the same data and APIs for a consistent consumer experience.


Consumers are increasingly communicating through social media and using it for more than just personal communications. An effective outreach strategy incorporates social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to engage with individuals accessing information and services for government programs.