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Duff Lang

President, Canada

With more than 20 years of operations experience, Duff Lang serves as the President of MAXIMUS Canada, where he is responsible for the operations, financial and business development activities for the Company’s Canadian health and human services business. Mr. Lang’s responsibilities include the oversight of Health Insurance BC, one of the most visible, important and complex alternative service delivery arrangements undertaken by the Province of British Columbia. He also directs the operations of the medical and pharmaceutical insurance programs for the province, including maintenance and transformation of the computer systems that support these programs. In addition, he oversees the WorkBC employment services program and British Columbia’s Family Maintenance Enforcement Program.

Mr. Lang is also responsible for the Ontario Drug Benefit Program where MAXIMUS administers the Long-Term Care: the Seniors Co-Pay Program and the Trillium Drug Program on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Health. Before joining MAXIMUS in 2005, Mr. Lang worked for IBM as a Services Executive in the Global Services Division and was the Vice President and General Manager of Promedica, Inc.

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