EBT: NextGen 2021

The Electronic Government Payments Virtual Event

Thank you EBT: NextGen 2021 attendees for another great virtual conference from November 1-4, 2021.

Meet our EBT, SNAP, and eWIC experts

Helping EBT, SNAP, and eWIC programs meet the challenges of 2021 and beyond

In 2019, nearly 1.5 million families were lifted out of poverty by government programs such as child support, SNAP, and WIC. The unprecedented challenges and economic setbacks of the past 18 months have raised the stakes for citizens across the country. Now more than ever, our work is critical to ensuring the basic needs of Americans are met. Maximus helps agencies plan, procure, manage, and implement successful Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and other government benefits management systems. From project inception to “go live” and beyond, we are helping state programs meet the challenges of 2021 and beyond.

How we help

EBT is well recognized by both federal and state government agencies as being a superior solution for the distribution of benefits – especially food benefits – using commercial infrastructure for the distribution network. However, the move is not without challenges; it is a major paradigm shift with multiple paths for implementation. Maximus offers a variety of consulting services and program support such as planning, project management, technical support, quality assurance/IV&V, and program/project evaluation.

What we do

We understand that planning for, procuring/re-procuring, implementing, and converting an EBT system can be a daunting task. Maximus brings experience and expertise to the table to support you as you undertake these endeavors. We understand the technology, personally know the industry participants, and have a great working relationship with the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). In our consulting support, we are your trusted partner offering you innovative ideas, industry knowledge, flexibility, and a deep commitment to meeting your goals.

Why we're unique

Maximus has been at the forefront of the EBT initiative since its inception over 30 years ago. In fact, our work has been instrumental in breaking ground and leading the way for EBT. Our body of work includes participation in the development of standards for both SNAP and WIC EBT to include the QUEST Operating Rules, WIC EBT Operation Rules, and WIC EBT Technical Implementation Guidance. Maximus staff is involved in the ongoing maintenance of these documents through our participation in the eGovernment Payments Council and through a recently initiated project with FNS.

Maximus has assisted more than 70 agencies

– including 47 states, 5 territories, and 26 tribal agencies – with their EBT, SNAP, and eWIC needs.

Supporting successful EBT solutions

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on families across America, Maximus is hard at work helping agencies streamline access to benefits.

Planning support

• Feasibility studies
• Alternatives, cost-benefit requirements and best-practice analysis
• Specifications definition
• Advance Planning Documents
• Business process reengineering and analysis

Procurement / reprocurement support

• Develop/validate detail program and system requirements
• Preparation of procurement documents
• Develop proposal evaluation tools/facilitate proposal evaluation
• Contract negotiation assistance

Quality assurance / independent verification and validation

• Project monitoring and assessment
• Risk management and assessment
• Technical assistance
• Deliverable review
• User acceptance test planning, script development, facilitation, and reporting
• Retailer certification test planning, script development, facilitation, and reporting
• System implementation/conversion monitoring and assessment
• Pilot/project evaluations

Project management / Operations support

• Project organization tools and transparency
• Established and successful project processes
• Focus on quality and scope management
• Contractor oversight
• Technical assistance
• WIC clinic operations assessment
• WIC vendor peer group and cost containment assessment

Expertise across programs and systems

Our decades of EBT experience combine expertise in both technology and benefit programs, encompassing:

  • EBT regulations and policies
  • Information system requirements and functions
  • In-depth knowledge of the system functional requirements
  • Work with numerous state-agency environments
  • Unique needs of SNAP, Cash Assistance, and WIC benefit recipients
  • High-quality services with limited funding
  • Benefit delivery models