Emergency Rental Assistance

Keeping families in their homes

With COVID-19 threatening people’s economic stability, including their ability to pay rent and utilities, it’s vital that federal Emergency Rental Assistance (ERAP) benefits are distributed quickly and accurately. To ensure it’s done right, entrust your program implementation to Maximus.

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Experience and expertise in emergency assistance

We can help you get assistance to eligible households, support landlords, and keep your economic recovery going –– all while minimizing any fraud or confusion around this brand new program. Drawing on our vast experience in eligibility determination, application support, and payment processing, Maximus offers all-in-one solutions for states, local governments, Indian tribes, and U.S. territories.

Learn more about our ERAP support services

Helping government provide much-needed services

Our comprehensive ERAP services are a continuation of our long-standing efforts to deliver supportive services to people in need.

  • Successful statewide implementation of ERAP in Arizona
  • COVID-19 support in 25 states, from testing to unemployment
  • Partner to dozens of federal and state benefit programs

Our Emergency Rental Assistance capabilities

As the largest provider of contact center and support operations for government benefit programs, we make it as easy as possible to implement your ERAP program.

Technology agnostic

Technology shouldn’t be an obstacle in your ERAP implementation. Maximus can work with any government’s technology, including integrating IV-R or CRM solutions with a variety of existing eligibility determination and payment systems.

The time to act is right now

We know you’re feeling a great sense of urgency to help families stay in their homes. Because all ERAP benefits must be distributed by the end of 2021, time is of the essence. Maximus is ready to make it a seamless and efficient experience for you and your citizens.