ERG Spotlight - Kenny Shyu

Maximus AANHPI member explains benefits of ERGs

How long have you worked for Maximus, and what is your job?

This is my second stint with Maximus, currently a part of the New York State of Health (NYSOH) project. I've worked for Maximus for a year and seven months between two projects. I am currently a CSR III with the NYSOH project.

Why do you think it’s important for companies to invest in a DE&I strategy?

It encourages different voices from people of varying backgrounds, which can lead to more new perspectives and ideas. It can empower everyone through educating each other about our cultures.

Why did you join the AANHPI ERG?

There was never really a "voice" for me growing up as a first-generation Asian American and I didn’t feel like there was any sort of positive representation in American society and culture. Not to mention the obstacles and hardships I had to deal with coming from people that didn't understand me because of my background and culture. I was offered a seat in the AANHPI committee after joining the ERG. We'll never be heard if we never speak. We need to take every opportunity we can to participate so that we can help educate others and most importantly learn from each other.

What’s the most exciting experience you have had as a member of the AANHPI ERG?

I haven't been with the AANHPI ERG for long, but it would have to be trivia time during the monthly AANHPI meetings. I haven't won anything, but the satisfaction comes from seeing everyone participate and show that they know the answers to these (sometimes difficult) trivia questions. It shows that we are progressing toward a greater understanding of each other's culture.

What’s the biggest impact you think the AANHPI can have on Maximus and/or the community? 

How often have we experienced something, only to learn that someone else had just gone through something similar, and wish that we had someone to help us a little while we walked that path? That is what we can do for each other, to share our experiences and to provide some support to each other's experience working at Maximus. The empowerment and enrichment of employees will also further benefit Maximus by equipping employees with skills that can allow them to help Maximus.