ERG Spotlight - Suganthi Balasubramaniam

Maximus AANHPI member explains benefits of ERGs

How long have you worked for Maximus, and what is your job?

I’m a call center supervisor, and I have been with Maximus since October 2020.

Why do you think it’s important for companies to invest in a DE&I strategy?

There is no doubt that embracing the principles of DE&I can benefit companies in many ways leading to a creative and innovative workforce. A diverse group of individuals with varied backgrounds, skills, and experiences can bring new ideas and approaches to problem-solving. It creates a positive and welcoming environment, increases employee engagement, and contributes to both their personal and professional growth.

Why did you join the AANHPI ERG?

I joined the AANHPI ERG to connect with others who share my cultural background, as well as gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures and heritage.

What’s the most exciting experience you have had as a member of the AANHPI ERG?

I have too many to count. I look forward to the discussions in our "Community Conversations" [a monthly DE&I-led event that highlights different cultural topics]. It can be heartwarming and thought-provoking, depending on the topic.

What’s the biggest impact you think the AANHPI can have on Maximus and/or the community?

The ERGs promote awareness and education of unconscious bias, microaggressions and cultural competencies, and their impacts in the workplace. I view it as a safe place where we can have open conversations and have opportunities to network and build relationships with colleagues and leaders within the organization.