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Helping agencies create a better life for children and families

At Maximus, we are dedicated to helping agencies create a better life for children and families. Together with our state and local government partners, we work with the whole family to help them overcome barriers, access supports, and achieve economic mobility. From delivering child support and employment services to connecting families with resources and healthcare, we serve as a bridge between families and the services they need to thrive.

How we help

We work with both parents to ensure children receive the financial and emotional support they need and deserve to thrive. With expertise across the full spectrum of child support services, we deliver best practices and innovations that empower our clients’ programs to achieve better outcomes. Just as importantly, our staff is as knowledgeable as they are compassionate – reassuring parents that we are on their side and here to help. We also partner with employers to ensure they comply with their child support reporting obligations – expediting the collection of support so vital to children and families.

What we do

We understand that the child support process can be daunting to parents. That’s why we work tirelessly to make it as easy to understand and navigate as possible. From order intake and paternity establishment to order modification and everything in between, we provide omnichannel support that allows parents to communicate based on their individual preferences and abilities. Our services for employers comprise educating and guiding them through the new hire reporting process as well as how to respond to income withholding and medical support orders.

Why we’re unique

As a leader in child support services, Maximus is the go-to partner for state and county agencies across the nation. Our decades of experience translate to unmatched operational efficiencies, enhanced program performance, and a customer-centric experience that’s both digitally enabled and human. And because we operate other types of health and human services programs, we are uniquely positioned to connect parents to additional services they may need, including employment and training as well as healthcare.

Join our sessions during ERICSA

Hear directly from a Maximus industry expert and co-presenters about tools to working an interstate case and the power of positive leadership.

Tools to working an interstate case

Date: Tuesday, May 23 | Time: 1:30 p.m. | Location: Ballroom C

This workshop will have multiple roundtables, with a different intergovernmental topic of conversation per table. The audience will move from table to table, discussing various child support enforcement issues. Examples include establishment, long-arm, telephonic/electronic testimony, modification, review & adjustment/COLA, enforcement - administrative, enforcement - judicial, and communications. The more specific information the caseworker has on each state’s procedures can help reduce the inquiries made for updates in order to keep the parties up-to-date on the status of their case.

Maximus speaker: April Graper, Consultant, Program Modernization Consulting

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The power of positive leadership

Date: Wednesday, May 24 | Time: 1:30 p.m. | Location: Oglethorpe

Utilizing the book by Jon Gordon, The Power of Positive Leadership. Difficult times call for leaders who are up for the challenge. Results are the byproduct of your culture, teamwork, vision, talent, innovation, execution, and commitment; this book shows explores how to bring it all together to become a powerfully positive leader. Discover the true drivers of short- and long-term success. Learn what leadership is really about. Cultivate the habits and outlook of successful leaders. Strengthen your people and let the results speak for themselves.

Maximus speaker: April Graper, Consultant, Program Modernization Consulting

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Vice President, Program Modernization Consulting

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Project Director, U.S. Services

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Project Manager, U.S. Services

April Graper

Consultant, Program Modernization Consulting

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Delivering expertise across the full spectrum of child support services - and beyond

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The Maximus difference

For over 40 years, we’ve been helping state and local governments achieve better outcomes with their child support programs by designing innovative solutions customized to their needs. We are committed to helping parents achieve self-sufficiency so they can support their families with pride.

Explore how we can help your agency create a better life for families
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