Customized secure cloud services and solutions for the Federal Government

A secure and organized cloud setup is imperative at every level of government. We deliver secure, comprehensive cloud functionality utilizing FedRAMP.

FedRAMP as a catalyst for IT modernization

The momentum behind IT modernization has accelerated, largely driven by increased demands on government because of the pandemic. With an increased urgency to deliver on their modernization strategies, newly allocated funding, and an intense focus on security, many government leaders are relying on FedRAMP-authorized solutions to help advance their initiatives.

See how more than 500 government IT leaders say that they are using FedRAMP for IT modernization.


Research: FedRAMP’s role in accelerating cloud adoption

Together with our partners at Genesys, we fielded a survey of over 500 government technology leaders across federal, state, and local agencies with direct citizen services to gain insights about where agencies are in their cloud adoption journey, how they perceive FedRAMP-authorized cloud solutions, and how they are using FedRAMP solutions in their cloud environments.

FCW FedRAMP Summit Panel: “The Value of Automation”

Raj Parameswaran, President for Information Technology at Maximus Federal, and Shane M. Barney, Chief Information Security Officer, Office of Information Technology, USCIS, DHS, joined the FCW FedRAMP Summit for an insightful panel on the importance of automation as a component of FedRAMP and the larger role it plays in the overall security strategy for a cloud environment.

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Delivering customizable, scalable – truly agnostic – cloud solutions

No agency’s cloud adoption journey is the same. That’s why our cloud solutions were built to be customized and easily integrated with all major infrastructure providers.

Maximus IVA: The next generation of citizen service delivery

By combining speech and natural language technology with human-assisted artificial intelligence (AI), the Maximus IVA powered by Interactions enables citizens to request assistance conversationally ─ as if they were speaking with a live agent.

Discover the Maximus IVA

Maximus Genesys Engagement Platform: Fulfilling your agency’s mission securely, at every touchpoint of the Citizen Journey™

An enterprise-class omnichannel platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud Citizen Engagement Services provider to government, brought to you by the proven and trusted Citizen Engagement Center leaders.

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Maximus Cloud: Enhancing security, visibility, and performance

Serving multiple government customers, our multi-tenant private and community cloud is hosted in geographically dispersed data centers located in the United States.

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Our FedRAMP insights

Technical subject matter experts from across the programs we serve bring perspectives on complex challenges.

How does FedRAMP serve as a strategic business driver for cloud adoption?

At the 2020 Federal Computer Week (FCW) FedRAMP Summit, Raj Parameswaran, our President of Information Technology, had the answers.

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Government-wide best practices emerge from FCW Cloud Summit.

Agencies are facing increasingly complex cloud migrations, and with them, complex challenges.

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What will successfully modernizing government IT require?

IT leaders are taking a holistic view of their agencies’ needs, service models, processes, and priorities.

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