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Gayla Napier, Ph.D.

Director, Standardized Operation and Analytics Program Management Office

Dr. Napier joined Maximus to help government clients meet the unprecedented challenges of our rapidly changing times. She brings over twenty-five years of experience working on, guiding, and facilitating organizational change and transformation efforts.

Dr. Napier is passionate about the science of organizational change management (OCM). Rapid, unpredictable change puts pressure on leaders of any organization as they try to meet the demands of their industry. The science of OCM enables leaders, and advisors to proactively plan for and manage change. OCM is a collaborative process of applying behavioral science knowledge to strategies, structures, processes, people, and cultures to achieve organizational effectiveness.

Dr. Napier has worked closely with state and local partners, nonprofit organizations, and private industry, to strengthen internal change capability and help organizations adapt through change resilience. Her research and writing concerns organizational, social, and human dynamics and the complexities of human systems. Her international work and speaking engagements have taken her to France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Prior to joining Maximus, Gayla served in several consulting firms leading projects across multiple sectors including health services, oil and gas, technology, education, agriculture, utilities, and public services in both the private and public domains.

Dr. Napier holds a Philosophical Doctor (Ph.D.) in Human and Organizational Systems with a concentration in Information Societies and Knowledge Management from Fielding Graduate University. She also has M.A. Degrees in Human Development, and Organizational Design and Effectiveness. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP), and Prosci Certified Change Practitioner.