Compliance and Risk Assessment

Comprehensive review of policies and procedures for compliance with 2 CFR 200

Recent federal audits have resulted in large monetary settlements at a significant number of institutions. The growing complexity and volume of federal regulations (e.g., 2 CFR) further complicates your efforts to comply.

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We offer a comprehensive solution

Our comprehensive review of your policies, procedures and processes will help you ensure full adherence with federal regulations.

  • We cover the ten most cited issues of non-compliance
    1. Direct charging
    2. Effort certification
    3. Cost transfers
    4. Institution-wide compliance monitoring
    5. Service/recharge centers
    6. Sub-recipient monitoring
    7. Cost sharing/matching
    8. Program income
    9. Financial reporting, closeout and procurement
    10.   Budget revisions
  • Comprehensiveness
    • Inclusion of major areas identified as high-risk during federal reviews and office of inspector general audit lists
    • Detailed work plan overseen by experienced professionals, including 170+ evaluation items
  • Systemic Approach
    • Independent and objective appraisal of institutional compliance
    • Detailed work plan overseen by experienced professionals, including 170+ evaluation items
  • Deliverables
    • Complete report detailing areas of full compliance and areas for improvement
    • Quantifiable measurement via an overall numeric compliance ranking
    • Presentation of findings and specific recommendations to institutional managers
  • Fast and confidential results

    Most estimated project life cycles are just four to eight weeks from initial receipt of materials to final report issuance, so Maximus understands the need for fast and confidential results. We use proprietary assessment forms and a streamlined approach to create further efficiencies and expedite project completion and all results are held in the strictest confidence. Now is the time to let Maximus help you identify and resolve issues before you are contacted for a major audit.

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