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ISM 2022 Conference │ October 23-26 │ National Harbor, Maryland

We are the bridge between people and services

At Maximus, we serve as the bridge between people and services. As a leading provider of health and human services, we deliver on the promise of innovative, technology-supported, people-first solutions. From technology infrastructure to program operations, our end-to-end solutions help agencies advance their vision for the future.

We are Maximus. We move people forward.

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Listen to our panel discussion at ISM!

This interactive panel explores the linkages between the customer experience and contract performance metrics. Our government partners from Arizona and Maryland share their experiences on how right-sizing performance parameters can lead to lower stress and better performance in projects involving customer engagement. The panelists also touch on how changes to the outsourced operations model — such as virtualization —  necessitate the review of these performance parameters. Industry experts tie it all together, weighing in on how emerging solutions such as speech analytics are improving the customer experience from within, diminishing the need for over-reliance on meeting metrics.

Discover our end-to-end solutions designed to help you advance your vision for the future.

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System modernization

The pandemic continues to highlight the reality that technology is critical to program success – and outdated technology can significantly impede program impact. Maximus understands that modernizing child welfare, child support, and UI computer systems represents a significant undertaking, and we have the expertise to guide you through the entire process. From initial planning through system implementation, our team of seasoned professionals stands ready to help. We also offer system replatforming – ask us for details at ISM booth #401.

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Employment services

COVID-19 has forever changed the way employment support is delivered — from the way states process UI claims, to the way employers find workers, to the way job seekers approach work. Today, agencies are laying out a new vision to support job seekers and employers, utilizing funding from a variety of sources including SNAP, TANF, and WIOA. As government’s go-to partner for changing the status quo, we’re uniquely equipped to turn ideas into reality.

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Workforce support for government

The talent pipeline continues to evolve for job seekers and workers alike regarding the attributes they desire for employment. This is equally true for employers who must attract and retain internal talent. Government has seen an increased need for alternative and flexible approaches to address staffing gaps. From basic customer service functions and case processing to complex case management, technology support, and program integrity, we can help. Implement staffing models that effectively meet your vision for the future, augment your team’s bandwidth as needed, meet ongoing and sudden spikes in demand, and satisfy program requirements with support from Maximus.

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Digital government solutions

What do consumers of government services expect when they engage online? And how can you transform your technology and operations to deliver it? We can help you reimagine your state portal experience and create the best customer experience anywhere.

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Rethinking the customer experience to create a better government experience

People interact with government agencies very differently than they do with the private sector. Build on today’s typical customer experience to create a better government experience ─ GX by Maximus.

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