Addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow through modernization

We help federal agencies advance their modernization initiatives with our innovative and proven approach — resulting in improved, higher-impact outcomes with reduced disruptions to current operations.

Delivering on the promises of modernization

With our vast collection of technology expertise, our deep understanding of agency operations, and proven approach, we ensure the success of our modernization services.

We develop and implement modernization roadmaps that deliver better, higher-impact results — from modern capabilities such as microservices and serverless computing to developing applications on low-code/no-code platforms.

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A pragmatic approach that ensures success

Our approach to modernization initiatives focuses on incremental implementations that reduce the risk and cost associated with large-scale project cutover.

Better ROI

We leverage domain expertise and foster the collaboration of legacy and modernization stakeholders to achieve modernization goals.

Reduced Risk

Our incremental approach enables a more reliable, phased roadmap to modernization.


We ensure data and systems security through highly secure transitions and by utilizing FedRAMP-authorized solutions for the cloud.

Built to Last

By applying emerging technologies, essential practices, and proven tools, we ensure tight integration and the flexibility to evolve for future needs.

Complete modernization support

The addition of Attain’s leading-edge technology capabilities and digital expertise means that we now bring even more capabilities to deliver an end-to-end solution for agency modernization initiatives.

With an expanded portfolio of emerging technologies, leading digital tools, extreme automation, and additional experts in Agile methodologies, we can deliver even more innovative, impactful solutions that help agencies build for the future.

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A practical approach to reducing the complexities of IT modernization

Our approach reduces risk and failure by first identifying parts of the organization that can be modernized individually, then focusing those into a deliberate phased schedule that prioritizes essential elements.

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Building for the future of government when IT modernization isn’t just a technology upgrade

Technology is innate to modernization efforts, including the transitioning of legacy systems. And, while it is an excellent tool for reducing costs, increasing productivity, and delivering consistent, high-quality service to citizens, it is not very effective when applied in a vacuum. We help agency leaders take a holistic view of their agency mission, prevalent engagement and service delivery models, and the people they serve when approaching modernization services to ensure desired outcomes.

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Turn modernization goals into a reality

Data Science Automation

Through automation, you can refine and streamline your current operations and increase efficiency while driving modernization initiatives. Automation tools such as AI, ML, or RPA can free staff from tedious tasks and deliver innovative solutions.

Software Development

Untangle the complexities behind software with modern low-code/no-code development. With robust capabilities and pre-built functionalities, you can develop software with more precision and reduced time to deployment.

Business Agility

Maintaining an Agile methodology throughout the entire organization is key to adapting to the demands of a constantly evolving business environment. From software development to application portfolio management, our solutions are customized based on your organization's needs.