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February 10-11, 2021

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For more than 45 years, Maximus has been governments’ trusted partner – especially during times of crisis and uncertainty. We offer solutions that give governments greater flexibility to close gaps in staffing, budget, technology, performance, and customer experience.

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Unemployment Insurance services

You know Maximus as a leading provider of workforce services to state and local governments, helping beneficiaries of programs such as SNAP and TANF become self-sufficient. But did you know we also support state Unemployment Insurance programs?

Overcoming today's challenges and leading the way to stability and recovery with UI program and return-to-work services


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Supporting states’ evolving Unemployment Insurance program needs for today and beyond

After a year nearly dominated by COVID-19, a new public-private partnership model is emerging for Unemployment Insurance programs. With a green light from the federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and flexibility supported through the CARES Act, Maximus is assisting state UI agencies with responding to COVID-19 and meeting the needs of the individuals and families they serve.

How we help

We provide support for every step of the unemployment lifecycle. From claimant support and claims management to program integrity, return-to-work services, and consulting on process and system modernization, our comprehensive portfolio of services helps state UI agencies overcome the challenges of today and shape a strategy for long-term recovery and program modernization.

What we do

We have the capability and capacity to augment, support, and supplement states’ UI/PUA program needs – quickly. Our experienced UI specialists can handle everything from claimant support to claims management, including adjudication and fraud detection and processing – experience that’s especially critical to avoiding time-consuming and costly corrections later on. We can also supplement your state’s efforts to help UI recipients return to the workforce faster, as well as further combat fraud through the modernization of processes and systems.

Why we’re unique

Our decades of experience operating health and human services programs translate to unmatched operational efficiencies, enhanced program performance, and the ability to provide citizens with the highest level of service. Further, as a leading provider of workforce services to state and local governments, we can help citizens navigate your state’s employment resources – providing outreach and facilitating connections, training, and referrals.

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Dana Alfred

Dana Alfred

Vice President, Human Services

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Tobi Cates

Tobi Cates

Senior Manager, Program Modernization Consulting

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Support for every step of the unemployment lifecycle

  • Claimant support

    Our claimant support augments your state’s frontline services, providing first-class customer service to ensure claims are submitted quickly and thoroughly. We can help with:

    • Inbound calls
    • Claims status information
    • Basic questions
    • Help filing initial claim
    • Claim changes/updates
    • Pin resets and bank changes
    • Work history or wage adjustments
    • Reopen claims
    • Manage claimant email inquiries
    • Multi-channel engagement (virtual agent, web chat, phone)
  • Claims management and support

    Performing more complex tasks, our claims management team can help with:

    • Claims investigation and processing
    • Dynamic fact finding (claimant and employers)
    • Validate identity
    • Pension issues impacting eligibility
    • Incomplete, expired, and ineligible claims adjudication
    • Validate last bonafide employer issues
    • Fraud investigation support
    • Clarify incomplete/missing claims info
    • IBIQ mismatch
    • Wage protest issues
    • Appeals and hearings support
    • ICON systems expertise
    • Protection against overpayment, and overpayment duration
    • BOT and AI technology
    • Integrated telephony if needed
  • Program integrity

    The Maximus approach to ensuring program integrity includes a suite of services dedicated to preventing UI and PUA claims fraud throughout the lifecycle. Our approach:

    • Supports weekly claims adjudication, reducing the likelihood of overpayment by providing adjudication support of weekly flagged claims, including validation of work search.
    • Leverages existing, proven mechanisms. We conduct child support employer outreach to obtain information regarding layoffs/furloughs proactively and implement our Employer Engagement Platform to handle return-to-work refusals.
    • Supports the benefits payment control (BPC) process. We reduce the likelihood of overpayment duration by investigating and determining fraudulent activity on claims, conducting data matching on reported earnings, changing the claim status of deceased claimants, and providing verification of unemployment benefits for third parties.
    • Makes timely adjustments to eligibility. As pandemic return-to-work actions are taken, we improve the speed and precision of eligibility and payment adjustments by extending these adjudication and payment control services.
  • Business processes and technology

    We can support your UI program modernization efforts with skilled consulting that covers both processes and technology.

    • Systems modernization and integration support
      • GAP analysis
      • Need assessments
      • Implementation support (PMO, QA, IV&V)
      • Post-PUA analysis
    • UI business process review
      • Process improvement
      • Change management
      • Improper payment detection and recovery
    • Cultural process improvement
      • Set departmental goals with stakeholders
      • Breakdown silos for team collaboration
      • Define desired outcomes
      • Develop continual improvement
      • Developing leaders
      • Agile transformation
  • Return-to-work support

    Reducing the duration of UI payments by helping citizens return to work sooner can help mitigate the hit to trust fund solvency states are experiencing today. With over 30 years of experience providing  coaching, skills building, and employment services on behalf of state and county agencies, Maximus has the expertise and resources to support your state’s return-to-work efforts. Our customized solutions include:

    • Proactive outreach that encourages UI recipients to look for work before benefits are set to expire
    • Virtual interactions and support that include online resources and job search tools
    • Partnerships with employers to facilitate more meaningful connections with job seekers   
    • Warm hand-offs to vocational training and re-skilling opportunities