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Dedicated to helping agencies create a better life for children and families

Every year, millions of families are lifted out of poverty by child support and related programs. The unprecedented challenges and economic setbacks of the past 23 months have raised the stakes for parents and children across the country. Our work continues to be critical to ensuring children’s basic needs are met so they can continue to grow and learn. To that end, Maximus partners with agencies across the nation to ensure that our services align with the evolving needs of the children, families, and employers we serve. From educating parents on the importance of paternity and right-sizing child support orders to streamlining employer reporting and supporting parents in reentering the workforce — we are helping child support programs meet the challenges of today and beyond.

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How we help

We work with both parents to ensure children receive the financial and emotional support they need and deserve to thrive. With expertise across the full spectrum of child support services, we deliver best practices and innovations that empower our clients’ programs to achieve their ambitious goals. Our staff is equally knowledgeable and compassionate — reassuring parents that we are on their side and here to help. We also partner with employers to ensure compliance with child support reporting obligations — expediting the collection of support and provision of health insurance so important to children and their families.

What we do

The child support process can be daunting to parents, that’s why we work hard to make it easy to understand and navigate. From order initiation and paternity establishment through order modification and location services, we provide a combination of personalized and self-service options, employing technology to communicate with parents using the methods they prefer. We also educate and guide employers through the new hire reporting process as well as income withholding and medical support orders.

Why we’re unique

As the national leader in child support services, Maximus serves as a trusted partner to state and county agencies across the nation. Our decades of experience translate to unmatched operational efficiencies, enhanced program performance, and the ability to provide families with the highest level of service. And because we operate a range of health and human services programs, we are uniquely positioned to connect parents to additional vital services they may need, including employment and training assistance as well as healthcare.

Meet our leadership team at NCSEA

Lisa Simmons

Lead Vice President, Domestic and Global Operations

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Angela Foster

Project Director, Child Support Services

Mike Romaniello

Project Director, Workforce Services

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Iysha Jackson

Project Manager, Child Support Services

Helping parents and employers access critical services during uncertain times

Though many states are open for work and rolling back COVID-19 restrictions, uncertainty and challenges remain for both families and businesses across America. Maximus remains hard at work providing essential services to help ease the burden and expedite relief.

A full range of employment services capabilities

Maximus provides best-in-class services for agencies, job seekers, and employers across several funding streams, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Delivering exceptional service that meets the challenges of today and beyond

Since 1981, we have worked diligently to deliver unparalleled service and notable results that help families achieve and sustain financial independence. Our solutions are completely customizable to meet the unique needs of agencies and the customers they serve.

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