New Employee Compliance Training

Online training solutions assure compliance with gov't regs

Ensuring your new employees receive the training they need to succeed and comply with government regulations needn't be time consuming and painful. Tap into our online, interactive training today.

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Accelerate compliance training and reduce risk

The Maximus Web-Based Compliance Training Program goes a long way in preserving a business’s code of ethics and presenting savings to their bottom line. Employers are at risk for costly fines, lawsuits or other legal actions when they are exposed to employee misconduct that violates code of ethics or regulatory compliance standards.

Offered by the Maximus Tax Credit and Employer Services Practice, our web-based training program is a cost-effective compliance solution that helps to mitigate the risks facing employers, through interactive and informative, yet quick-paced, tutorials that truly engage the employee.

Skip the wait with on-time training and real-time reporting

Our web-based program provides time-efficient training for new employees and managers. With training available 24/7 from any location with an internet connection, the program expedites learning for new employees so they quickly understand their responsibilities to maintain an ethical, harassment-free workplace.

There is no waiting to schedule a class or for an available trainer. You don’t have to take managers off tasks or projects to conduct a training seminar every time new hires start on the job.

With real-time reporting, our training program frees your managers from manual compliance tracking, often a lengthy and error-prone process

Facilitate employee success with a wide range of interactive training tutorials

Business Ethics

Define business ethics and explain their importance to reputation of the organization

Provide business scenarios and let employees choose what they believe to be the correct, ethical course of action

Diversity in the Workplace

Explain the variables that make every person unique and valuable

Identify typical considerations when interacting with individuals from different cultural and generational backgrounds


Define “professionalism” and describe how related behaviors advance organization and employee interests

Describe specific actions that help or hurt an organization’s and individual’s professional reputation

Workplace Harassment

Define and describe types of discrimination, sexual harassment and risky behaviors in the workplace

Outline how to report harassment and follow the investigation process