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Grants Awarded to 167 Nonprofit Organizations Focused on Community Development, Youth Programs, and Healthcare

We announced today that our Foundation will award more than $2 million in grants to 167 nonprofit organizations across the United States this year to fund its three key themes for giving in 2022: community development, youth development, and healthcare services. This marks an increase from 2021, when the Foundation awarded roughly $1.2 million in grants to 154 nonprofit organizations and the highest level of giving in the Foundation’s 22-year history.

The Maximus Foundation, which was founded by the company’s board of directors in 2000, is committed to supporting organizations and programs that promote personal growth and self-sufficiency through improved health, child and family development, as well as community development.

This year’s grants included nearly $400,000 for 34 different nonprofits focused on homelessness prevention and support, and more than $300,000 across 25 nonprofits that help fight child abuse or child hunger.

“We are excited to announce this year’s grant recipients, as we continue to expand the number of organizations and the overall community investment. It has been inspiring to see the growth and impact of the Maximus Foundation continue to deepen over time,” said John Boyer, Chair, Maximus Foundation. “The purpose of the Maximus Foundation is to give back to the communities where Maximus employees work and live. We are proud of our partnership with these organizations and the impact they are making to improve the lives and wellbeing of thousands of people and families in neighborhoods across the country.”

“Many of these grants are very personal to Maximus employees, supporting causes and initiatives that mean a great deal to them,” explained Bruce Caswell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Maximus. “We recently updated our company’s tagline to ‘Moving People Forward’ because it’s our goal as a company to help as many people as possible. It’s critical we embody that spirit in everything we do and embrace our responsibility as a business leader to be a good corporate citizen and create a positive impact on the people and organizations making a difference in their communities.”

The grant awards will continue through the rest of 2022, and individual organizations will announce their award wins to local communities.