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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What to do if I cannot locate my pre-hire paperwork emails

    Steps 1-4 have to be manually sent by your recruiter and are typically only sent during normal business hours. Be sure to check your email’s “spam”, “junk”, or “All mail” folder. If you still cannot locate your forms or do not see any tasks when using the links above, please reach out to your recruiter and request they resend the needed paperwork.

  • How do I complete my electronic I-9?

    During your onboarding, you will be provided a link to complete section one (1) of your I-9. You will be required to create a Registration Name and PIN code. These are both something you create and have not been previously provided. Be sure to follow the required formatting for both the Registration Name and PIN code. Click HERE to be shown the required formatting for each. Please note that this login is a one-time login. You will be unable to use the same login at any other time. Part Two will be completed when your employment begins.

  • What benefits are offered at Maximus?

    Maximus affords you access to Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, short and long term disability, and many other voluntary benefits options.  If you have specific questions regarding benefit offerings, please reach out to your Recruiter or Human Resource specialist for further details.

  • How do I set up direct deposit?

    This will be handled once your employment begins. HR will go over how to do this during training. Be sure to bring your necessary banking information if you wish to set this up.

  • Orange Tree won't let me proceed to the next page.

    Be sure there are no gaps in your employment or address history. Click HERE for a help guide to completing this portion.  If that is correct, there are no required fields missing information, and you are not getting any red error text explaining what needs to be fixed: Call Orange Tree for help at 888.222.0667.